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In this episode we will be talking to a key player in the upcoming 7th Annual Israel Dealmakers Summit as well as one of the attending companies.

Israel Dealmakers Summit 2015 is the premier Israel-focused business event of the year representing a meticulously curated gathering of global entrepreneurs, innovators, dealmakers and investors converging from around the world during this exclusive two-day summit. Hosted again in New York City, the event balances a featured roster of world-class speakers with significant networking time, providing unique relationship building opportunities and fresh insights across industries such as Digital Media, Mobile & Wireless, CyberSecurity, Smart Cities, Enterprise Software, Internet of Things and Big Data.

First we talk to Mr. Shelly Palmer, Managing Director of the Digital Media Group at Landmark Ventures.

Landmark Ventures is a technology-focused investment bank specializing in M&A and financings. ShellyPalmer is a strategic advisory practice specializing in strategic partnerships and innovation access. Together they offer a powerful combination of services to assist their clients.

Then we speak with Rannan Cohen, CEO of Bringg, one of the start-ups coming to IDS 2015.

Bringg is a mobile technology tracking platform for “BRINGGING” something from one person to another. Bringg’s web-based management system enables service providers to better manage their drivers and deliveries, update the customer in real-time, encourage repeat customers, increases business efficiency, and provide customers and businesses with insight into where their people and deliveries are at all times.

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Author: Mike Elliott


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