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In this episode we are joined again by Nano Dimension (NNDM) Co-Founder and CEO, Amit Dror.

Nano has had several positive developments recently including the first sale of their 3D printer, the DragonFly 2020 in the U.S. following their first sale to a major defense contractor in Israel.

They have also announced a new ink production facility for their proprietary conductive and dielectric inks.

Nano Dimension, ticker NNDM, is revolutionizing the way prototypes are made with 3D printing.

They’ve built a 3D printer, the Dragonfly 2020, for multi-layer PCBs and they’re developing advanced nanotechnology-based conductive and dielectric inks. They’ve also developed an initial version of their software package for 3D printed electronics called “Switch”.

They have a veteran management team and a world-class science team and they’re rolling out one of the most anticipated technologies in the industry that will help engineers and electronics companies radically improve the way they produce PCB prototypes.

IDC projects worldwide spending on 3D printing to exceed $35 billion by 2020, which is double the revenues forecast for 2016.

What’s more interesting however, is that sales of the actual 3D printers won’t be the only drivers of growth. Software and related services such as on-demand parts are also expected to experience strong growth.

IDC analysts explain that “The gains in both software and on-demand parts printing are being driven by the rapidly expanding use of 3D printing for design prototyping and products that require a high degree of customization in non-traditional environments”.

However, one thing is certain: prototyping will lead the way in every sector. In fact, an estimated 56 percent of all worldwide 3D printing revenues in 2016 will be generated by prototyping, and that trend is set to continue.

According to IDC’s Keith Kmetz, this prototyping will in turn drive the rest of the market as well. “IDC expects the worldwide 3D printing market to continue its rapid expansion over the next several years, driven by the need to reduce manufacturing cycle times and to reduce prototyping costs,” Kmetz said. “This growth will be fueled by an explosion of 3D printer manufacturers from around the world, seeking to capitalize on the anticipated growth in this market with faster printers that offer better quality output at lower prices.”

With 56% of all worldwide 3D printing revenue projected to be driven by demand for faster and cheaper prototypes there will be a growing need for innovative solutions like the Dragonfly 2020 3D printer.

And with global 3D printing sales predicted to reach $35 billion by 2020, Nano’s patented 3D printing technology seems well positioned to grab market share and build value for shareholders.

So check them out at ticker NNDM.

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Author: Mike Elliott


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