$OOIL Shifts Strategy to $500B Water Treatment Market

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In this episode of CEOLIVE.TV we interview Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of OriginClear (OOIL).

Mr. Eckelberry discusses the company’s new business model and 3 year strategic plan. He also talks about the types of acquisition candidates the company is looking for as well as the primary growth drivers for the water cleanup market in the U.S.

OriginClear is a leading provider of water treatment solutions and the developer of a breakthrough water cleanup technology serving the rapidly growing $500 billion world market. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, OriginClear provides systems and services to treat water in a wide range of industries, such as municipal, pharmaceutical, semiconductors, industrial, and oil & gas. To rapidly grow this segment of the business, we strategically acquire profitable and well-managed water treatment companies, which allow us to expand our global market presence and technical expertise. To enable a new era of clean and socially responsible water treatment solutions, we invented Electro Water Separation™, a breakthrough high-speed water cleanup technology using multi-stage electrolysis, that we license worldwide to water treatment equipment manufacturers. Water is our most valuable resource, and the mission of the “Family of OriginClear Companies” is to improve the quality of water and help return it to its original and clear condition.

To learn more about OriginClear, please visit their website at www.originclear.com.

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Author: Mike Elliott


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