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So what’s the outlook for 2018? According to Newzoo the Global Esports Economy Will Reach $905.6 Million in 2018 as Brand Investment Grows by 48%

North America will remain the largest esports market in 2018 with revenues of $345 million. This will show impressive growth to reach $656 million by 2021. The 23 million Enthusiasts in North America will generate $14.80 per fan this year, higher than in any other region.

One company we have just started following is positioning itself and its shareholders to benefit from the massive market opportunity in ESports and that is AppSoft Technologies, ticker ASFT.

AppSoft Technologies develops, publishes and markets mobile software applications for smartphones and tablet devices.

Appsoft owns a portfolio of over 400 mobile apps consisting of approximately 200 game apps available on the Apple iTunes network and approximately 200 apps targeting the legal industry and are currently available on the Google Android Play Store.

Each member of Appsoft’s management team has an extensive background in mobile, digital and social media sales, advertising, operations, as well as technology and product development and deployment.

As we’ve already established ESports are growing faster than ever; millions of gamers, millions of viewers, and millions of dollars in prizes. From what once seemed like a small, niche market, the eSports industry is now among the fastest growing in the world.

The problem is, while the caliber of physical tournament events have skyrocketed, online tournaments simply haven’t. There isn’t a place to win serious money online, 52 weeks a year plain and simple.

Appsoft also came to the realization that, in order to be the best, things needed to be done differently.

So their solution is Guuf, spelled G-U-U-F, an all-new, venture-backed eSports tournament platform.

It’s the best in the world, plain and simple. Guuf offers the largest tournament prizes, the fastest payouts, and the best customer support across the eSports community and best of all, signing up is free at

Guuf doesn’t offer any type of premium membership, and all of their tournaments use real currencies, not credits or tokens.

This isn’t by mistake. Appsoft believes users shouldn’t have to pay a monthly fee to compete in certain tournaments or to receive outstanding customer support. Instead, they could be spending their hard-earned money competing for a piece of the $2.5 million they’ll be giving away in prize money and all tournaments pay out in 14 days or less, too.

To wrap it up, they’re the new guys on the block, a startup run by people who love eSports and who love to compete.

At its core, AppSoft is for gamers and to move eSports forward.

Most importantly, they’re goal is to provide gamers the best online tournaments in the world.

With an impressive portfolio of mobile apps and mobile games and the launch of an all new ESports platform the company is well positioned to grab market share in the fast growing esports arena.

So check them out at ticker ASFT.

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