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Opening of Prostate Cancer Study at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Edges Closer for Hemispherx Biopharma

ORLANDO, FL. – April 13th, 2019 – (CEOLIVE), Hemispherx Biopharma Inc., (NYSE American: HEB), an immuno-pharma company focused on the research and development of therapeutics to treat multiple types of cancers and immune-deficiency diseases, announced it is making progress toward the opening of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s clinical study incorporating Ampligen as part of a treatment combination for prostate cancer.

CEOLIVE has been covering Hemispherx for the two years and interviewed their CEO multiple times on both CEOLIVE and CEORoadshow to discuss the latest developments at the company.

According to the latest news from the company, Roswell Park now has FDA authorization to proceed with its Phase 2 study investigating the effectiveness and safety of aspirin and Ampligen with or without interferon-alpha 2b (Intron A) compared to no drug treatments in a randomized three-arm study of patients with prostate cancer before undergoing radical prostatectomy.

See full details of the study at ClinicalTrials.gov.
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“This positive progress in commencing a new prostate cancer clinical trial is just one more step in our focused plan for R&D success,” said Hemispherx CEO Thomas K. Equels. “When our management team began three years ago, Hemispherx identified four significant steps we needed to take to make our company a success. First, raise the funds necessary to produce our drug candidate, Ampligen, for use in immuno-oncology clinical trials and other programs. Second, produce adequate supplies of Ampligen to conduct such trials. Third, initiate multiple immuno-oncology clinical trials. We have now accomplished each of these steps and are using Ampligen to treat cancers in clinical trials. Now is the time for us to seek out big pharma partners who share our excitement and enthusiasm for the potential of Ampligen. We believe that success in these trials will create the environment for that goal. Accomplishing success in R&D is based on such progress.”
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